Cat Boarding

Board for 5 or more days and receive $10 off grooming services!

At Innisfail Boarding Kennels the only thing that counts is the well being of your beloved pet. Our well trained and certified pet care professionals just love to give your cat or cats the tender loving care while you are away from home. It doesn't matter if your home is in Red Deer, Calgary or Edmonton, Innisfail Boarding Kennels is always easy to reach. At Innisfail Boarding Kennels we have the knowledge to take care of your pets in the most professional way.


For your cats we provide a bright, separate room with lots of space. The cat room is away from the dog boarding area, so your beloved pet has the peace and rest he or she is entitled to. Every feline guest of our facility has a really large, private cat condo, with several levels to climb up and down. Each condo provides for one or more cat beds, blankets, dishes, cat litter box and cat litter and some cat toys. The cat room offers our feline boarders a great, indoor exercise area, where your cats can stretch their legs, climb the counter tops and look out the windows to inspect all the things that are going on at and around our facility.

All the cat kennels have forced air heating, so it is nice and cozy warm during the cold winter months. In the summer the kennels are nice and cool for our guests, due to the good insulation and ventilation of our buildings. Of course every kennel is cleaned daily as well the exercise area. We want to provide for a clean and fresh environment, essential to your pet' s good health. That is why, every time one of our boarders leaves for home, we thoroughly clean and disinfect his or her kennel, before a next guest is allowed to occupy this kennel again.

It is still of the most importance and for the protection of your pets and other boarders to make sure that your cats has been given all necessary vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations must be provided at time of boarding! (See for more information on vaccinations the VACCINATIONS-web page).

Our facility is monitored day and night by Ambusch Security alarm system. It will warn us for freezing, fire, glass break and any unusual movement in the dog or cat kennel area or store. We always know exactly what is going on in our kennel, where and when, day and night. We live near the facilities and will be there within a few minutes. We have a veterinarian on call 24/7 in case
of an emergency.

At our facility we encourage you to bring in the food your pets is accustomed to eating, to minimize stress in this new environment. You can also buy your pet's food in our store before boarding or tell us to open a new package during the boarding stay of your pet. If you would like to have your pet to eat our high end kennel cat food, just let us know and we will provide your cats with that food for only one dollar more per day per pet!!!

Look for prices on our PRICES-web page! Make a online reservation for your cat!